Low and High Density Residential

Home is where the heart is

Owners, builders and developers of residential properties consistently turn to Bryson Electric, Inc. for our reliability, consistency, quality work and safety. Our level of service and attention to detail assures our customers. We provide and are up to speed on options for residential spaces that incorporate the finest elements of modern technology and comfortable living.

Commercial and Office

From office buildings to retail outlets

Bryson Electric, Inc. has a long history of working with developers and company owners of commercial office spaces, from start-ups to national enterprises. We offer a wide variety of commercial electrical repair and maintenance services for restaurants, property management companies, community centers, hotels, churches, dental and medical offices, clinics and non-profit organizations.

In addition to traditional services, we offer a variety of low-voltage, communications and life safety solutions to enhance any commercial project.

Small and Local Businesses

Count on us

Our trustworthiness and workmanship is continually rewarded through new referrals and new relationships within the Boston and surrounding communities. In addition to traditional services, we offer a variety of electrical service solutions to enhance any local business needs.


At your service

Whether a small boutique hotel or large national chain, BES works with owners and developers to provide efficient and creative solutions. Maintenance and upkeep are key components to providing a premium guest experience. Our team works closely in details that set you apart from the rest.


Window shopping made easy

If your patrons experience a sense of excitement, fun or even relaxation, they will become customers for life.

Bryson Electric, Inc. works closely with owners, designers and developers and understands the importance of providing a comfortable and pleasurable experience to their consumer. Whether its lighting and display solutions, security systems, seismic upgrades or tenant improvement projects, we bring a level of customer service that our clients deliver to their customers.

We strive to provide ideas that foster point of sale activity and repeat business.


Keep moving the line

All quality assembly comes via proper process and procedures.

Keeping your day-to-day operations in check is imperative to your profitability. Bryson Electric, Inc. provides safe and reliable electrical systems for your manufacturing facilities that work in today’s environment.

We work around production schedules to keep within your budget and schedules on time.


From our classroom to yours

Bryson Electrical Services has a long history of working in both private and public institutions and higher learning colleges. Some of Boston’s most renowned universities and schools remain long-standing customers due to our professionalism and ability to work around students and professors with minimal disruption. Our outstanding safety record, quality workforce and responsiveness has made BES a top vendor for many educational institutions.


When high expectations and helping lives are key

BES ensures high priority workmanship to an industry where lives are on the line. We take pride in delivering reliable and functional service to healthcare facilities and nursing homes and medical buildings alike.

Offering a team of experienced professionals in all areas of the job, including quality, timeliness and cleanliness, we are a trusted contractor. Staying in line with your institutional requirements takes precedence, when service is not the only measure that you count on.


Turn it up

In an electrically-driven industry, our company consistently delivers high-quality results.

We offer a vast range of electrical services to ensure your seats are full. Bryson Electric, Inc. works with business owners, special interest groups and related partners to identify, plan and execute. Your business relies on a special consumer experience that is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Energy Solutions

It’s our world and our future

Utility expenses have increased substantially and companies realize it is imperative to closely examine every savings opportunity available. Bryson Electric, Inc. can examine current electrical operations and efficiency to provide a solution to reduce energy usage that’s suitable and comprehensive for your facility.

Our energy solutions services include:

  • Technical consulting
  • Maintenance programs
  • Lighting control & Ballast and lamp retrofits
  • Energy Management systems
  • VFD Installation for Pumps Fans

Cell Towers

Rise to the top

Industry leaders of cell tower communications rely on Bryson Electric, Inc. for premium workmanship and fast results. In the age of communication, we blend our experience with workmanship to deliver a service our customers can count on. Working directly with owners or as part of a subcontracting team, we pride ourselves on being a collaborative, trusted and efficient partner.

Bryson Electric, Inc. is a proven partner in providing hands-on experience and making sure all systems are up and running on-time.

Property Management

Responsiveness is our top priority

Bryson Electric, Inc. understands that your issues need to be met immediately as you work hard for your clients.

And so do we!

We strive to respond quickly and efficiently, under safe conditions. We understand your problems need fast and smart solutions in order to reduce your workload and make the environment safe for all residents.

Taking pride in our work, we offer the latest technology to seamlessly execute your project or task.

We offer a variety of low-voltage, communications and life safety solutions to enhance your building’s lifestyle and environment. Our outstanding safety record, quality workforce and rapid, responsive style has made Bryson Electric, Inc. a top choice vendor for many Property Management companies.

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